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Welcome to a natural oasis
at Ton Mai Spa

Relax... Renew...Refresh


Ton Mai Spa in Rawai, Phuket, is a spa and restaurant in an environment with lush greenery specifically designed to put your mind at ease.


Relax and rejuvenate in our beautiful oasis.


Ton Mai Spa is equipped with a Herb & Lemongrass Steam room, Dry Sauna, Cold Bath and an outdoor Pool and Relaxation Zone with comfortable outdoor lounge beds.

The Spa also offers a wide variety of massage and spa services and a restaurant with an assortment of healthy meals, smoothies, juices, imported teas and much more.

What We Offer



We offer foot massage, Thai/Oil massage, aloe vera, body scrub, aromatherapy, face massage, sports massage and more.

50% discount on access to the pool and sauna with any massage (starting at 350 baht for Foot massage).



This relaxation ritual is based on a 2000-year-old tradition founded in Nordic countries and involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures, followed by a rest period.

Thermotherapy offers numerous benefits, contributing to both immediate and long-term improvements in your physical and mental well-being.



Our Herbal Spa near Rawai Beach has been ranked

#1 on Trip Advisor.

Ton Mai Spa is equipped with a Lemongrass Steam Room and a Dry Sauna with an outdoor Pool and a Relaxation Zone with comfortable outdoor lounge chairs.

200 baht to access the pool and sauna.

100 baht with any massage purchase.


Cold Bath

A thermotherapy cycle would not be complete without immersion in a cold bath. After perspiring in the intense heat of the sauna, the cold water allows your skin to firm up once the toxins have been released. A great way to feel refreshed and energized!

Included with access to facility.

Make it colder by purchasing ice for 30 baht per bag.


Pool & Lounge Area

Enjoy our outdoor Pool, and Relaxation Zone with comfortable outdoor lounge chairs and garden areas.



Ton Mai Spa Restaurant offers a delicious Thai and Western menu. We have a selection of cold drinks including smoothies, protein shakes, coffees and an imported selection of tea. Enjoy outdoor seating in our beautiful serene bar and restaurant.


"I have to say everything positive with this place.


I have been returning to this spa every week now for 4 months and sometimes twice in a week. Its a great place to relax by the pool but really I go there for the steam sauna which is always refreshing. The staff have always been nice and friendly and the owner will always ask if everything is ok. I live 30mins away in Kathu and yes there are many spas between me and this one in Rawai but I look forward to the half day out and almost always grab a bite to eat on the way home. I can recommend this place to anyone."


Robert W

Hallidays Point, Australia

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